Book App


As part of my final Masters project, I developed a set of design guidelines and an app for children between the ages of 6 and 8.


I began by reading market and academic research about the best practices for designing children’s book apps. I then conducted an evaluation of existing book apps on the market, making note of common design patterns.

Design Guidelines and Rationale

After reviewing the literature and analyzing published apps I distilled the gathered information into a set of design guidelines. This documentation was then applied to the development of the app’s content, layout, and functionality.

Slide from Design Document



To develop an understanding of user needs four personas were created. They were informed by research, including user reviews of competitor apps.



Design Process

Using the design guidelines I created a screenflow, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups.

Screen Flow


Each individual asset was sketched on graph paper and arranged on paper iPad templates. Then, each screen was photographed and placed into Google’s slide presentation software. The book’s copy was then added to its respective page. This rapid prototyping technique allowed for quick edits and further refinement.

Final App

After several iterations and testing the final product was built in Xcode.

App Screenshot


App Store

The latest version of the app along with screenshots and a description were uploaded to the App Store.






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